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PEM Fuel Cell Test System:

  The model 850 Compact Fuel Cell Test System is a complete test station for operation and measurement of PEM fuel cells. The 850 CFCTS combines a computer-controlled instrument (programmable electronic load, fuel and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions) with fuel handling hardware in an integrated bench-top unit.

  The 850 CFCTS uses the 890CL as the basis for the electronic part of the design. The 850 CFCTS is targeted at single cell and short stack fuel cell research and university programs.


PEM Single Cell:

  The series 890C test loads are microprocessor controlled electronic loads for fuel cell research and development. These new designs offer unparalleled performance and safety of operation. Internal, crash-proof parameter limits for the operating fuel cell are stored in firmware. This assures independent safe operation under all conditions and potential modes of fuel cell failure.

  These systems permit long term performance testing of a fuel cell or stack under user defined constant or varying conditions, coupled with real time monitoring of the fuel cell potential, iR corrected half cell potentials, current, power, half and whole cell resistances, gas flow rates, and temperatures.


Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

723 West Michigan Street, SL 260 Indianapolis, IN 46202-5132

Phone: 317 274-9717
Fax: 317 274-9744


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