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Advanced Manufacturing and CAD/CAM:

  • Machining Process Modeling, Simulation, Control and Optimization (of cutting conditions & Tool path)
  • Intelligent machining (Process modeling and on-line monitoring and control)
  • Automation of Manufacturing
  • Enhancement of CAD/CAM technology (e.g. for accurate, optimum and automated machining operation
  • Optimization of the process/product Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Scheme for minimum rejection rate.
  • Development of computer-aided tools for manufacturing
  • Seamless interface between CAD/CAM and CNC production

  Advanced Engineering:

  • Collaborative Product and Process Development
  • Product/Process Evaluation/Enhancement/Optimization using CAD/CAE software
  • Investigation of Optimal product Design, Control and Performance using Computer Simulation
  • Development of PDM based systems that integrate the design/simulation software with the data libraries (i.e. Developed an integrated system (CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM)
  • Development of computer-aided tools for design
  • Developing software for product simulation

  Data management:

  • Personnel management (Accessibilities, State control, Role assignment)
  • Project management (Process control)
  • File management (Version control, Data sharing, Notification, Product development document filing)

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

723 West Michigan Street, SL 260 Indianapolis, IN 46202-5132

Phone: 317 274-9717
Fax: 317 274-9744


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