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CNC machines:
  A 4-axis CNC vertical machining center (FADAL), a 3-axis CNC mill (HURCO), a CNC lathe (EMCO), Computer controlled conveyor systems, and Assembly robots.

Inspection equipment:
  Linear measuring instruments, optical inspection equipment, a measurement data acquisition system, a coordinate measuring machine, a surface profilometer, and a circular geometry instrument

Rapid prototyping:

  A machine that uses the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology and a rapid prototyping machine that uses the Laminated Object Modeling (LOM) technology

Manual machine tools:
  Turret lathes, Vertical and horizontal milling machines, drill presses, band saws, metal forming presses, surface grinders, an EDM unit, and a plastic injection-molding machine)

Sensors and data acquisition:
  A three-force component Kistler table dynamometer for milling and turning and a data acquisition system (consists of Kistler amplifiers, A/D board, PC and LabView software)

CNC Software:
  • AVML (Under Development)
  • UNIGRAPHICS, I-DEAS Master Series, and Pro/ENGINEER CAD/CAM systems
  • MILLPRO (for milling process simulation).
  • SolidWorks, AutoCAD, IronCAD, and Rhino CAD systems
  • SurfCAM CAM system
  • IMAN Product Data Management System
  • ACIS solid modeling kernel
  • PATRAN, ANSYS, COSMOS and ABAQUS for Finite Element Analysis
  • I-MAN and I-DEAS Team Data Manager (PDM systems)
  • LABVIEW 4.1 (for data acquisition)
Computer Hardware:
NT and UNIX machines (One SUN Ultra 250, four SUN Ultra 5s, and NT machines)
Computer Network:
Intranet and Internet


Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

723 West Michigan Street, SL 260 Indianapolis, IN 46202-5132

Phone: 317 274-9717
Fax: 317 274-9744


Lab Faculty

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