Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology



Fault Tolerant Control of Automotive Systems

  • Analytical Redundancy Based Fault Detection and Isolation for Drive By Wire Systems Through Predictive Observers
  • Sensing and Computer Algorithms for Autonomous Machines
  • On Demand All Wheel Drive Systems for Hybrid Vehicle for Traction Enhancement 

  Advanced Engine Control and Diagnostics: 

  • Adaptive Control of Engines for Emission and Fuel Efficiency. 
  • Fault Detection and On-Board Diagnostics

  Large-Scale System Modeling and Simulation: 

  • Parallel computing 
  • Multi-Rate Simulation
  • Rapid Pure Simulation

Microwave Aided Sinter Forming (MASF)

  • Microwave Aided Sinter Forming of High Temperature Components