Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology




Steer-By-Wire System Bench:
The lab has a dSPACE MicroAutobox based real-time Steer-By-Wire System Hardware-In-Loop Bench. This bench is being used to develop and validate model based fault diagnostics algorithms.

Rapid Control Prototyping Machine:
The lab has a dSPACE MicroAutobox rapid control prototyping real-time system powered by a 800MHz PowerPC microprocessor. This prototyping machine can be used to develop and test advanced mechatronics systems.

Intel Dual Xeon HT Workstation:
A 2.8GHz Intel Dual Xeon hyper-threading capable machine with RedHat Linux OS is used to conduct advanced modeling and simulation research including parallel computing (Courtesy: Cummins, Inc.).

Hardware-In-Loop Bench:
An On-Demand All-Wheel-Drive System bench with electro-hydraulic valves & pump, power supplies, actuator drivers, pressure transducers, flowmeter, load cell, and current sensor is used to validate advanced control systems that optimized the performance (Courtesy: Visteon Corporation).

Pentium 4 Workstations:
Two 2.8GHz Pentium 4 workstations with Windows OS are used for modeling, simulation, and design of various mechatronics systems.

Accelerator and RTW Plug-in for SIMULINK
dSPACE Control Desk (for papid control prototyping)
LABVIEW 8.0 (for data acquisition)
Computer Network:
Intranet and Internet