Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing


[Nov 2016] Taylor won student research grant of Commitment to Engineering Excellence Research Fund, IUPUI.

[Oct 2016] Dr. Ryu's invited talk at Boise State University on "Printed Materials and Manufacturing"; Dr. Ryu talked at Innovation Crossover, Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane on Flexible Electronics substrates.

[Sept 2016] Aaron started MS program.

Akash and Taylor won UROP research scholarship. Congratulation!

[Aug 2016] Our group received AFRL research contract on IR plasmonic detection!

[July 2016] Jeonghwan defensed MS thesis entitled "High Extingtion Ratio Subwavelength 1-D Infrared Polarizer by Nanoimprint Lithography"

[May 2016] Aaron awarded Summer Research Fellowship at the Air Force Research Lab in Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH.

[April 2016] Hao Chen received MS in Biomedical Engineering. Congratulation!

[Oct 2015] Jeonghwan (MS) presented a poster titled "Scalable Manufacturing of Tunable Graphene Plasmonic Resonators for Infrared Absorption".

[Sept 2015] Aaron (BS), Hao (MS), and Eduardo (MS) joined the group.

[Aug. 28, 2015] Dr. Ryu attended Department of Defense announcement on 7th National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Institute in San Jose, CA. Dr. Ryu contributed to the institute founding proposal and led Indiana node. The institute is for development of flexible hybrid electronics. (News link)

[Aug. 7, 2015] Dr. Ryu's invited talk at AFRL, WPAFB. "Advanced Manufacturing for Flexible Electronics and Nanomaterials"

[May 2015] Dr. Ryu received Summer Faculty Fellowship from AFOSR, AFRL.

[April 2015] Ameya made his MS defense. Congratulation!

[Feb 2015] ME and BME interdepartmental team (Dr. Ryu as co-PI) won 100 Voice of Hope Foundation grant for breakthrough innovation on metastatic cancer treatment. Congratulation!

[Feb 2015] Akash (BS) and Jeonghwan (MS) joined the group. Welcome.

[Jan 2015] David Wyman and Tim Poe (undergraduate researchers) recieved Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Grant from IUPUI Center for Research and Learning

[Dec 2014] Prof. Ryu gave seminars at Khalifa University and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in UAE. (Scalable Nanomanufacturing and Biomedical Applications – Nanoimprint and Photo-thermal Self-Assembly)

[Oct 6 - 17 2014] Prof. Henry Colorado (Universidad de Antioquia) visted Dr. Ryu lab and gave an invited seminar on Progress in Materials and Manufacturing using Wastes

[Sept 25, 2014] Prof. Sungsoo Na (IUPUI) gave invited talk titled "Visualizing the Mechanical Regulation of Cell Signaling"

[Aug 2014] David Wyman joined the research group

[June - July 2014] IUPUI Summer undergraduate research (MURI) was successfuly conducted with Alexander Bond, Tim Poe, Tyler Drumm, Justin Niehaus, and Eu Jin Lim. Dr. Ryu teamed with Prof. Julie Ji (BME) and Prof. El-Mounayri on multidisciplinary research, "Effect of Nano-grating Patterned Substrate on Vascular Cell Behavior in Response to Shear Flow and Strain"

[June 2014] Technology Innovation Program (British Petroleum Exploration Company) grant (Dr. Ryu, PI) through collaboration with Masdar Institute, UAE). Congratulation!

[Feb 2014] Dr. Ryu was invited to NSF Nanomanufacturing review panel.