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The Combustion and Propulsion Research Laboratory (CPRL) at IUPUI was established to advance novel technologies and basic research to support clean, safe, and efficient combustion processes and propulsion systems. Sophisticated optical diagnostic methods and high-fidelity computational methods are applied to fascinating and potentially useful phenomena in combustion, oscillatory flow, and non-steady gas dynamics. Collaboration with industry is emphasized, cultivating strong relationships with locally based global manufacturers of combustion engines and products, such as Rolls-Royce, Cummins, and Carrier.

CPRL is currently focused on the combustion science of ignition by a jet of reactive hot gas, which has application to novel and conventional combustion engines. These include wave rotor combustors for gas turbine engines and natural-gas fueled internal combustion engines. The development of wave rotor pressure-gain combustors is a major long-term goal of the laboratory, with the aim to create revolutionary engines with remarkably low energy consumption and environmental impact. In addition, combustion technologies are being investigated for reduction of noise in home furnaces, and avoiding fire disasters in spacecraft and buildings. Applications of combustion research include electric hybrid vehicles, electricity power plants, furnaces, and all types of aircraft engines.


Prefessor M. Razi Nalim
  • Professor M. Razi Nalim, P.E., Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs
  • Phone: 317-278-3010
  • Email: mnalimnull@nulliupui.nulledu

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