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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness Grant


Grant Statement of Purpose:

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Faculty/Staff Council at IUPUI is awarding multiple mini-grants up to $500 for faculty, staff and students who wish to promote or enhance knowledge, tolerance, sensitivity and/or develop understanding of LGBT issues and/or the LGBT community through the development of co-curricular academic programming.

Examples are, but not limited to, developing curriculum integrating LGBT topics, attending or hosting LGBT-focused event(s), purchasing LGBT-related film/media or books, paying LGBT-focused speaker honorariums/fees and supporting LGBT-focused research. Funding preference will be given to those applications closely aligned with curriculum efforts or academic programming.

Application Requirements:

  1. Applicants must complete all sections of the grant application (including signatures). Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  2. Please do not include any supplemental materials (brochures, letters of support, etc.).
  3. You may add additional pages to the budget if you require more space.
  4. Please send electronically in pdf format to

Grant Deadlines

Helpful Hints and Points of Consideration:
  1. The IUPUI-LGBT-FSC is open to all types of projects and we encourage applicants to be creative and apply for any possible grant idea that could satisfy the primary goal of the grant which is to promote or enhance knowledge, tolerance, sensitivity, and/or develop understanding of the LGBT issues and the LGBT community.
  2. The grant application asks applicants to provide the IUPUI-LGBT-FSC with an IUPUI department, school, or group affiliation as well as that department, school or group’s account number and fiscal officer. Any monies awarded will NOT be disbursed to the applicant directly from the IUPUI-LGBT-FSC. Instead, monies will be disbursed to the fiscal officer identified on the application who will then reimburse the applicant’s expenses in accordance with IUPUI policies governing reimbursement for grant-related expenses.
  3. The grant summary of the proposed project should be carefully written. Applicants want to convey to the review committee how the proposed project answers each of the (4) questions contained in the summary. The most challenging part of the summary is question #4 regarding evaluation. The IUPUI-LGBT-FSC wants to be able to provide the Chancellor’s office with some form of measurable outcome from all funded grant projects. Applicants should give serious consideration as to how grant outcomes will tangibly be measured (qualitatively or quantitatively). Examples of evaluations are, but not limited to, an action plan, survey results, paper publication/conference presentation, pre/post-test results, blog, etc.
  4. Monies may be used for all grant-related expenses except for the purchase of “entertainment supplies” which include food, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages as well as paper goods such as plates, cutlery, cups, etc. Grant projects may have a social component but the grant cannot pay for that component of the grant project.

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Fall 2011 Grant Application

Funds available for Fall 2011

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