RNA Sequence to Structure: Systems Biology of Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation

Post-transcriptional processes play a key role in eukaryotic gene regulation, yet it is not well understood how such processes contribute to the level of functional RNAs within the cell. Such regulation is orchestrated through a variety of mechanisms acting on all aspects of RNA metabolism, including pre-mRNA splicing, stability, polyadenylation, localization, editing, modification, and translation. The diversity of these mechanisms as well as the the increase in RNA-related high-throughput sequencing approaches highlight the need for research into new computational tools addressing post-transcriptional gene regulation.

This session focuses on research findings and methods related to the sequence and structure of RNA as well as its post-transcriptional gene regulation. These include but are not limited to the analysis of transcriptomics and protein-RNA interaction datasets, novel methods for interpretation of single-cell transcriptomes and approaches for RNA structure prediction. The session comprises of invited and selected talks, as well as a workshop on analyses of RNA splicing from high-throughput transcriptome-wide sequencing, and identification of protein/RNA binding sites from CLIP-seq data. The audience is expected to have a basic understanding and experience with computational biology, but not to be experts on RNA biology or the current computational and experimental approaches used in RNA research.