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Summary of Division I Rules

The NCAA publishes an annual summary of Division I legislation geared for student-athletes. IUPUI Athletics also prepares a compliance presentation for student-athletes at the beginning of each academic year.

Academic Eligibility Requirements and Academic Misconduct

NCAA legislation governing academic eligibility is based on a five year graduation plan. For a summary of these rules, click here.

Student-athletes are responsible for understanding IUPUI's academic misconduct policies, as well as the academic misconduct policies within their individual schools. Student-athletes may not receive special treatment under these policies.

Countable Athletically Related Activities (CARA)

NCAA Bylaw 17.1.6 outlines the permissible amount of time student-athletes are allowed to participate in countable athletically related activities (CARA) during the academic year. Here is an educational document that details IUPUI monitoring procedures, includes a list of countable and non-countable activities, and a provides useful tips for determining if an activity is "voluntary." Download Here.

Extra Benefits and Preferential Treatment

NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes from receiving benefits, services, or special treatment because of their athletic skill, reputation, or status as student-athletes. Do not allow people to treat you any differently than they would any other IUPUI student.

IUPUI Student-Athlete Drug Testing Policy & Program

The links below detail the IUPUI Athletics Institutional Drug Testing Program. All coaches, department staff, and student-athletes are responsible for reading this policy and having a complete understanding of IUPUI's expectations of student-athletes.

Sports Wagering

The NCAA prohibits gambling activity that involves any sport the NCAA sponsors. This ban applies to any level of sports (amateur to professional), pools, and fantasy leagues in which an entry fee is required and there is an opportunity to win a prize or money. Student-athletes involved in bets on their own institution- in any sport- will lose eligibility permanently. Student-athletes involved in any other type of sports wagering generally lose one-year of eligibility in all sports. "Points shaving," or activities designed to influence the outcome of a game, resultes in permanent ineligibility and potential criminal penalties.

Sports wagering, including online sports betting, is illegal in the State of Indiana.

Elite Student-Athletes

IUPUI fully supports student-athletes who aspire to professional athletic careers. The IUPUI Professional Sports Counseling Panel is available to advise these students regarding professional sports contracts, agent selection, disability insurance, and more. Student-athletes may permissibly meet with athlete agents, provided the agent is registered with IUPUI, the State of Indiana, and the professional league/players association. The Office of Athletics Compliance strongly recommends that such meetings occur on-campus and in the presence of the head coach and/or a member of the Professional Sports Counseling Panel.

A student-athlete may not agree, orally or in writing, to be represented by an agent until his or her eligibility is exhausted. This includes agreements to be represented by an agent in the future, and agareements between a student-athlete's family and an agent. Student-athletes may not accept, or allow their family or friends to accept, anything of value from an agent or anyone affiliated with an agent. Items of value include, but are not limited to, meals, cash advances, discounted legal services, transportation, entertainment, clothing, and jewelry.

Agents who wish to register with IUPUI Athletics must complete the Athlete-Agent Registration and Questionnaire and/or the Financial Advisor Registration and Questionnaire.