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Academic Eligibility Requirements

NCAA legislation governing academic eligibility is based on a five year graduation plan. For a summary of these rules, click here.

Countable Athletically Related Activities (CARA)

NCAA Bylaw 17.1.6 outlines the permissible amount of time student-athletes are allowed to participate in countable athletically related activities (CARA) during the academic year. Here is an educational document that details IUPUI monitoring procedures, includes a list of countable and non-countable activities, and a provides useful tips for determining if an activity is "voluntary." Download Here.

IUPUI Student-Athlete Drug Testing Policy & Program

This is a detailed overview of the IUPUI Department of Intercollegiate Institutional Drug Testing Program. All coaches, department staff, and student-athletes should read this policy and have a complete understanding of the expectations for our student-athletes.