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Academic Year 2015-2016
October 2015 The Student's Role in Recruiting, Hazing
September 2015 Athletically Related Activity, Mental Health for Student-Athletes




Academic Year 2014-2015
March 2015 Amateurism and Benefits Download
February 2015 Sports Wagering, Outside Scholarships Download
January 2015 Competition Eligibility, Amateurism, Academic Integrity Download
Holidays 2014-2015 Parent Newsletter Download
October 2014 Recruiting, Student Host Expectations Download
September 2014 Compliance Rules Crash Course, Hazing Download


Academic Year 2013-2014
March 2014 Amateurism and Benefits Download
February 2014 Sports Wagering Download
January 2014 Academic Eligibility Download
December 2013 Parent Newsletter Download
November 2013 Student Athlete Employment and Fee-for-Lesson Download
October 2013 Hazing and Harassment Download
September 2013 Welcome Back: Drug Testing, Supplements, and Alcohol Download


Academic Year 2012-2013
Summer 2013 Summer Activities Download
March 2013 A Student's Guide to Eligibility Download
February 2013 Sports Wagering Download
Holidays 2012-2013 A Parent's Guide to NCAA Compliance Download
October 2012 Extra Benefits, Outside Competition, Website Information Download
September 2012 Back to School Edition, Drug Testing, "Voluntary" Activities Download


Academic Year 2011-2012
April 2012 Guide for Financial Aid, Outside Scholarships Download
March 2012 Outside Competition, Employment, Prize Money Download
February 2012 March Madness, Sports Wagering FAQ Download
January 2012 ARA Reminders, Compliance Pop Quiz Download