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Recruiting Calendars

NCAA Bylaw 13.17 summarizes the recruiting periods for each sport.  Below are user-friendly recruiting calendars for all sports. Please note that additional rules may apply for each sport and their various recruiting periods throughout the year.  All coaches should read NCAA Bylaw 13 and have a comprehensive understanding of the regulations that pertain to recruiting.

Countable Athletically Related Activities (CARA)

NCAA Bylaw 17.1.6 outlines the permissible amount of time student-athletes are allowed to participate in countable athletically related activities (CARA) during the academic year. Here is an educational document that details IUPUI monitoring procedures, includes a list of countable and non-countable activities, and a provides useful tips for determining if an activity is "voluntary." Download Here.

Dining with Prospective Student-Athletes

This handout provides detailed information about dining with propsective student-athletes. Specifically, the educational document informs recruiting coaches about which individuals can dine with prospects during official and unofficial visits. Download Here.

Recruiting Materials

NCAA Bylaw 13.4 details numerous complex regulations pertaining to various materials used for recruiting purposes. This document provides an overview of the permissible ways to correspond with prospective student-athletes. Download Here.

Social Media Tip Sheet (effective 8/1/2014) provided by CCACA. Download Here.

Recruiting (NCAA Bylaw 13) Educational Video

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