Office for Athletics Compliance


About Compliance

The Office for Athletics Compliance at IUPUI maintains the university's loyal commitment to uphold the integrity of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Summit League.  It is our mission to demonstrate the highest standards of ethical behavior, and strict adherence to the letter and spirit of NCAA and conference regulations.  This office is devoted to educating coaches, staff, student-athletes and other individuals involved with the athletics program in their institutional responsibilities under the rules, to discover and report any violations that occur, and to implement systems that provide guidance in how to work within the rules.

The University is firmly committed to the principle of institutional control.  All individuals involved in IUPUI Athletics have the responsibility to maintain reasonable knowledge of the rules and to act in full compliance with NCAA and conference regulations.  The Office for Athletics Compliance is committed to promoting a comprehensive monitoring program that includes strong controls and ensures that all individuals comply with the aforementioned regulations.

It is our goal to coordinate a proactive and responsive NCAA compliance program that protects the honor of this prestigious university, as well as the eligibility of our exceptional student-athletes.