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Transferable Credit from Ivy Tech to IUPUI

Students with college-level credit at Ivy Tech Community College can view how their credits will transfer to IUPUI via Transferology. Please note: awarding transfer credit is the final step in the admissions process, and the Transferology does not guarantee how or which credits will transfer to the university.

Additional Options to View Transfer Credit

  • For courses prior to 2000, contact the Passport Office at 317-278-2630 or email

  • Transferable Courses from Ivy Tech to IUPUI
  • This gives a list of transferable courses from Ivy Tech to IUPUI. It also shows the course, course number, and the hours of credits that transfer.
  • Statewide Transferable Courses .
  • - DISCLAIMER: Please note, this list is reference for old transcripts only. - This lists all the core classes which transfer statewide. This includes the section number, course number, and credit hours transfered.
  • Ivy Tech Transferable Courses into IUPUI General Education Core
  • As of June 2013, IUPUI requires students to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours as part of the statewide General Education Core. This chart provides a transferable course listing of current Ivy Tech courses which may be used to satisfy IUPUI's General Education Core requirements. 

  • Transferology
  • A nation-wide network that gives students an online resource for assisting in their search to find out if their courses will transfer to other institutions. Users can enter coursework, see how credits transfer, as well as get information for costs, financial aid, advanced placement, military occupations, and more.
  • Understanding Your Transfer Credit Report
  • A guide created by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions that explains how to read your online transfer credit report upon admission to IUPUI.