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Campus Health

Our clinic provides routine and acute care for the student population of the IUPUI campus and occupational health services to IUPUI student employees, IUPUI employees, and IU Health employees of Riley and University Hospitals.

IUPUI Campus Health does not fund parking for students or employees who visit either clinic.


  • Students with Aetna Student Health insurance pay a $25co-pay. The clinic will submit the claim to Aetna.
  • Students with other Aetna insurance pay a $30 co-pay as required by their policy.
  • Students with Traditional Anthem, Blue Access and Blue Preferred policies pay the required co-pay. We do not bill other Anthem policies.
  • Students with other insurance or no insurance pay a $29 co-pay.
  • Students are responsible for immunizations, lab fees, medications, etc. Labs are sent to IU Health and South Bend Medical Foundation. Both companies send the bill to the student.



All IUPUI students are eligible to receive the following discounts. Quantities are limited. When the limit is reached, the discounts will no longer apply.

  • Gardasil Vaccine: $45
  • Birth Control pills for $10 per three month supply. BC Pills are only sold in packets of 3. Two packets max at a time.
  • Influenza (Flu) Vaccine: $0.
  • PPD Visits (Annual and new TB visits): $0
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Free strep tests

FREE HEALTH SCREENINGS at the Campus Center Student Health for IUPUI STUDENTS

  • Total cholesterol -total cholesterol only will be done if the student has not fasted for at least 8 hours. Triglycerides, HDL and LDL is available if fasting.
  • glucose testing,
  • body fat/BMI,
  • blood pressure measurement
  • vision screening.
  • urine pregnancy test
  • strep test upon request.

No appointment needed for screenings at the Campus Center Student Health clinic.