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[W. Touponce] Hello, I\'m Professor Touponce. I\'m the director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies here at Indiana University School of Liberal Arts. The center has been in operation now for about a year, and we\'ve been involved in some very exciting projects over here, including an edition of Bradbury stories, complete stories of Ray Bradbury, which is going to be edited here at the Center and published by Kent State University Press starting in 2010.

Another project that we\'ve just recently finished is a screenplay that Bradbury wrote. It\'s been 50 years ago, an awfully long time, but in 1956 the film version of Herman Melville\'s \"Moby Dick\" was released, directed by John Huston. Some of you may have seen that film. Bradbury, a lot of you probably don’t know, wrote the screenplay for that film. Interestingly, John Huston, the director of the film, picked Bradbury because he had read a fantasy story called \"The Foghorn.\" Huston was so impressed with the language of that story that he thought Bradbury could handle Melville, and Houston had wanted to make a film of \"Moby Dick\" for a long time himself.

He was so impressed with that story that he asked Bradbury to do the screenplay. Bradbury asked us here at the Center to edit the screenplay and to have it ready for publication this year, which we’ve done. It\'s a beautiful cover published by the Subterranean Press. It\'s a beautiful cover by John Foster, the artist. And so we’re very happy to bring this book out.

Our goal is, here at the Center, is to increase, encourage, develop the academic understanding of Bradbury’\'s, and scholarly understanding, of Bradbury\'s work. And so for that purpose we have a journal, first issue of which is out today. Secondly, we have an edition, a scholarly edition, of Bradbury stories which is going to establish a standard edition of the stories, and the third thing are these projects that Bradbury asked us to do, like the \"Moby Dick\" screenplay.

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