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Chancellor Charles Bantz

The Administration of IUPUI Welcomes You

IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) is led by Chancellor Charles R. Bantz. He assumed his duties as the fourth chancellor of IUPUI on June 1, 2003. He brings to IUPUI and IU a long-term focus on organizational change for excellence, stemming from his scholarly work and building through a series of leadership roles as journal editor, chair, vice provost, provost, and chancellor. He also serves as Indiana University's Executive Vice President.

Administrative Units

Information about the Vice Chancellor in charge of each unit can be found on the Chancellor's Cabinet page.

Chief Academic Officer

Vice Chancellor for Research, Faculty Affairs, Consortium for Learning and Scholarship, Lifelong Learning, Enrollment Services, Graduate Office, International Affairs

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Equal Opportunity, Adaptive Educational Services, Multicultural Center

External Affairs

Alumni Relations, Community Relations, Government Relations, Communications

Finance & Administration

Facilities Services, Administration Services, Budget & Finance, Human Resources, Auxiliary Services, Purchasing, Police Department, Environmental Health & Safety

Planning and Institutional Improvement

Economic Model, Information Management and Institutional Research, Testing Center

Student Life

Dean of Students, Student Life, Office of Student Involvement, Housing, Student Health Services, Student Rights, Responsibilities & Conduct, Counseling & Psychological Services, Campus Center