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About IPLI

Scientist working with a computer screen in a labAdvanced manufacturing, including high-tech manufacturing, is still the driving force and future for our state as well as the state and US economies. In order to support and serve the high-tech industry as well as empower local companies with the skills, tools, and best practices needed to achieve advanced manufacturing and stay competitive in the global market, there is a need to promote and advance Product Lifecycle (PL) practice as well as educate and train the next generation of engineers. In partnership with industry, IPLI will address the current limitations and needs, and serves as a test bed and vehicle for the rapid implementation of advanced PL technology (including PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), Digital manufacturing and design, and Advanced Engineering in local companies.    

Our aim is to achieve excellence in product lifecycle in Advanced Manufacturing and Life Sciences applications, through innovation, best practice, and technology development and transfer.

IPLI is a campuswide initiative sponsored by the School of Engineering and Technology and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

It brings together all the resources, facilities and expertise across campus in advanced product lifecycle under one synergistic umbrella to increase visibility, provide tomorrow's education, and support the state's industry (both life sciences and engineering) and economy. It acts as the face and umbrella for IUPUI R&D and workforce development activities in PLM, Digital design and manufacturing, and Advanced Engineering.