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Why IPLI Consortium?

The Initiative for Product Lifecycle Innovation (IPLI) is a university led initiative whose mission is to assure leadership and innovation in Product Lifecycle processes and software tools. IPLI provides an environment in which industry, universities and government agencies can collectively anticipate current/future technology and business needs and effectively develop collaborative courses of action to meet those needs.

IPLI roadmaps the needs of the industry, identifies technology and infrastructure gaps and helps eliminate those gaps (both business and technical) through:
. Collaborating on innovations;
. Facilities for simulating PLM performance;
. Overcoming challenges quickly and the dissemination of efficient business practices;
. Fostering a highly collaborative infrastructure for the open exchange of additive advanced manufacturing information and research;
. Facilitating the development, evaluation, and deployment of efficient and flexible Product Lifecycle Management Software practices
. Supplying education and training needs;
. Technology Roadmap;
. Collaboration Forums, with expert speakers;
. Expert speakers

In all of these activities, IPLI offers a number of advantages over individual company efforts. It provides a forum in which companies can collaborate. It leverages the capabilities and expertise of its diverse member organizations to create an environment in which the sum is truly greater than its individual parts. By identifying where industry is going and what technologies, business practices and products it needs to get there, IPLI helps members effectively focus not only their investments in R&D, but also investments in technology deployment for greatest return. And last, but certainly not least, the broad representation from leading various industry partners gives IPLI's efforts the critical mass required to make an impact. As the products, processes, and supply chain becomes increasingly distributed and complex business practices can be as important as technology in determining a company's ultimate success. IPLI's scope goes beyond the identification of technology needs to include consideration of business practices that impact competitiveness. Consequently IPLI sponsors industry forums to share "best practices" information and discuss emerging trends.

Innovation and Research

Our goal is to promote innovative solutions and best practices in Product Lifecycle (and its) Management (PLM)

Cooperation and Collaboration

We believe in open and unrestricted collaboration, exchange of ideas and sharing of best practices among consortium members.

Assessment and Accountability

We believe in measuring and assessing our work, identifying those ideas, procedures, and practices that yield positive results.

Sharing and Dissemination of Results

We believe that in order to improve PLM integration and implementation, we must disseminate the result of our research.

Integrity and Credibility

Perhaps the most important guiding principles governing any consortium isare its member's commitment to honest and transparent conduct. We pledge to treat our fellow consortium members and the constituencies we serve with honesty, integrity, and respect.