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IUPUI Anthropology Club : Volunteer Opportunities

Be an assistant to a real archaeologist!

The IUPUI Archaeology Lab is always in need of both new and returning volunteers to wash and catalogue artifacts from Dr. Paul Mullins' IUPUI Archaeological Field School excavations.

Either stop by the IUPUI Archaeology Lab (Cavanaugh Hall, Room 431), or e-mail Lab Director Kathryn "Chris" Glidden, at kcglidde@iupui.edu, for more details.

Top 10 reasons to volunteer at the IUPUI Archaeology Lab:

10.) Because the Donald hasn't called you, yet, about your guest spot on "The Apprentice".
9.) The close proximity to 50¢ cans and bottles of cold, refreshing beverages.
8.) Boxes, plastic bubble wrap, and magnetic poetry!
7.) You really haven't experienced material culture, until you've cleaned the dust and dirt of decades from it.
6.) Who knew that Cavanaugh Hall held secret passages?
5.) You just can't get in enough toothbrush time, at home.
4.) Good, old-fashioned squeaky wooden chairs.
3.) Dust--and lots of it....
2.) Potsherds!
1.) Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory....

Michael Maslin cartoon

"It means taking a hefty pay cut, but I've decided to accept the position of God of Wine."

(Cartoon by Michael Maslin)


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