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On this webpage may be found links to materials used in presentations at past Anthropology Club meetings. If you have been a presenter (whether you are an instructor or a student) and would like to make available any files associated with your presentation, please send them along to us!

Presenter name
Presentation title
Date presented
Files available (.doc & .ppt)

Adam Roth, IUPUI Anthropology major
Identifying A Saint: An Exploration Into The Religious Iconography Of Byzantine Monasteries
23 September 2004
.doc (35 KB) | .ppt (3,228 KB)

Noel Harrison, IUPUI Anthropology major
Graduate School Opportunities in Underwater Archaeology
5 October 2004
.ppt (350 KB)

Bryan J. "Danger" Dyer, IUPUI Anthropology major
Explaining the Movius Line
2 November 2004
.ppt (2,176 KB)

Dr. Larry J. Zimmerman, Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies, IUPUI
Lost Tribes, Sunken Continents, and Ancient Astronauts: On the Wild Side of Midwestern Archaeology
11 November 2004
.ppt (2,530 KB)

Franz Boas, anthropologist

Franz Boas, anthropologist, 1885
demonstrating the Hula Hoop
Posing for Hamat'sa life group figures
(Article at this link)


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