Here are some links to the work of some famous figures in science and to other pages on the history of science.
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History of Nursing Science

History of Science

Galleleo and Einstein - Notes from Course with great links to original works ---not just for people interested in physics.
Malaspina Great Books - Science - many links to sources and work of great scientists throughout history.
Classic Papers in Genetics - Mendels papers
Discussion with Einstein
Einstein on Relativity: listing of hypertext sources
Hippocrates and others
Tides - Gallileo
On Motion
Life and Times of Louis Pasteur -I'm still looking for more complete works
Icarus, or, the Future of Science
Daedalus, or, Science and the Future
Philosophy 230 - Notes from Course
Copernican System
AE: What is the Theory of Relativity? (1919)
History of Science
Learn your History.
RLG History of Science & Technology Database
Vatican Exhibit Main Hall
Medicine and Biology
Rebecca Craighill Lancefield (1895-1981)
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