Understanding Learning Theory
Learning Theory and Research Changes in LearningLearning Styles

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Student Thoughts:

Let's look at some students' comments about the same class.

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"Going to class has been a total waste of time in this course. We spent way too much time talking to other students in groups. The instructor should have spent more time explaining the material to us."

"This course has been so interesting! I've learned so much, especially from the group discussions."

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"Professor Brown could have used the overhead or given us handouts or something! When he lectures he hardly uses any visual aids, and I can't remember a darn thing unless I see it."

"I just love all the hands on work we've done in this class. I really have to do something before I understand it and especially if I'm ever going to remember it."

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"Professor Brown drives me crazy. I might as well have thrown away the syllabus he gave us on the first day of class. He has changed so many of the requirements that it's useless! I wish he would have just stuck with his original plan so I would have known what to expect in this course from the beginning."

"Professor Brown has been absolutely wonderful and SO responsive to the students. He has changed assignment due dates and even changed topics to cover just because we asked him to."

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