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Section 5: Classroom Research

You can build on your efforts to improve the assessment of student learning by designing a classroom research project that can contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL). SOTL is an emerging culture in higher education that encourages and rewards reflective teaching, classroom research, and dissemination of ideas and research findings among a community of teacher-scholars.

Section 5, Classroom Research, is designed to increase your ability to conduct a classroom research project on the effectiveness of curriculum or instruction. Such projects contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning and can be presented and published in a variety of forums. You will be asked to sketch a design for a classroom research project for a course you teach.

Workbook Entry 1:
Open your workbook file that you have saved to your desktop. Under Entry 1 in Section 5, describe what you know about classroom research and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Also, briefly describe any experience you have had with either.

If you are starting this module from this point, you will need to access the workbook outline that you will use throughout the module.

After completing this section in your workbook file, be sure to save the updated information you have added. Up in the left hand corner of your document window under "File" and click once to show the pull down menu. Go to "Save" and click once. This will save your updated workbook file.

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