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Section 4: Classroom Assessment

Section 4, Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs), will discuss the use of classroom assessment by instructors for formative evaluation of student performance rather than for grading.

This section is designed to increase your ability to select and apply procedures for assessing a variety of student skills, behaviors, and attitudes during the course of a semester. CATs are outside the grading process and are intended to alert you to desirable modifications in instruction and to inform students about their progress. You will be asked to apply several Classroom Assessment Techniques to a course you teach.

Workbook Entry 1:
Open your workbook file that you saved to your desktop and take a few minutes to describe what you already know about classroom assessment. Please give examples of any procedures you have used to assess progress in student learning over the duration of a course outside the traditional grading process. Record your thoughts under Entry 1 in Section 4 .

If you are starting this module from this point, you will need to access the workbook outline that you will use throughout the module.

After completing this section in your workbook file, be sure to save the updated information you have added. To accomplish this, go to the upper left hand corner of your document window under "File" and click once to show the pull down menu. Go to "Save" and click once. This will save your updated workbook file.

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