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Section 2: Methods of Gathering Evidence

Section 2 will familiarize you with the various tools and procedures that are available for gathering evidence to assess student outcomes and to help you develop an overall measurement strategy for your assessment.

This section is designed to increase your ability to select and apply a variety of assessment tools and to support evaluation decisions, assessment of student learning needs, multiple sources of evidence and well-designed measurement tools. You will be asked to sketch uses for different tools to assess important learning outcomes in a course you teach.

Workbook Entry 1:
Open your workbook file that you saved to your desktop and take a few minutes to list as many different methods to measure student performance that you have used in previous courses. Which have been most satisfying and least satisfying to you and why? Record your thoughts under Section 2, Entry 1.

If you are starting this module from this point, you will need to access the workbook outline that you will use throughout the module.

After completing this section in your worksheet, be sure to save the updated information you have added. In the upper left hand corner of your document window under "File," click once to show the pull down menu. Go to "Save" and click once. This will save your updated workbook file. All set? Then minimize the document and continue with this module.

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