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Section 1: General Principles of Grading and Assessment

Section 1, General Principles, will discuss the nature of the grading task facing college instructors and familiarize you with principles of good practice in grading and assessment of student outcomes.

This section is designed to increase your ability to evaluate course grading and assessment practices in light of principles of good practice. You will be asked to reflect on your principles of grading and consider how well they serve different functions of evaluation. You will also be asked to formulate a grading policy statement for the syllabus of a particular course you teach.

At numerous points as you work through this module, you will be asked to record your reflections in a workbook file. An outline has already been created for you. Open your outline here. You will need to have Microsoft Word (or a word processor capable of reading Word files) to use the document. When you are given the choice of opening the document or saving it, choose "Save" and save it to your desktop for easy access throughout the module.

You should save the document with a file name that contains the initials of the course management module you are in (you are presently in the Assessment Strategies module), your first initial and last name, and the date.

For example: as_jdoe_9_17_02.doc

Once the file is saved to your desktop, you will be able to quickly access it at various points throughout the module to add more pieces to your outline. Once completed, you may wish to share your worksheet with a colleague or a consultant at your local center for teaching and learning.

Workbook Entry 1:
Take a few minutes to summarize your principles and practices in grading student work in your workbook file. Record your thoughts under Entry 1 in Section 1. You can access the outline here.

After completing this section in your worksheet, be sure to save the updated information you have added. In the upper left hand corner of your document window under "File," click once to show the pull down menu. Go to "Save" and click once. This will save your updated workbook file. All set? Then minimize the document and continue with this module.

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