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Welcome to the Active Learning Module!

Welcome to Active Learning, an online module in the the Supporting Student Success Series, developed by the IUPUI Office for Professional Development.

This self-paced and self-directed module deals with strategies for increasing student learning through active participation. We suggest you begin the module with Section 1: Why Use Active Learning, which provides the definition of and rationale for using active learning.

Section 2 introduces you to low-risk, quick and simple forms of active learning. After that, explore the module. There are many options for more involved active learning activities to promote deeper levels of learning. Take any direction that interests you. Regardless of the direction you take, you may find this module more helpful if you focus on applying it to a specific course.

As questions arise, please discuss them with your colleagues or a consultant at your local center for teaching and learning. IUPUI faculty may contact the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning to discuss questions.


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