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Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Consultation Grants

ICIP encourages its member institutions to obtain outside advice and consultation to strengthen their international programs and curricula. To achieve this objective, ICIP adopts the following policy and guidelines:

  1. ICIP will grant up to $1,000 to any member institution wishing to obtain an outside consulting service to advise the institution on development of its international curricula and programs. Funds must be used for the consultant services and not for overhead expenses.
  2. For each dollar provided by ICIP for consultation purposes, the receiving institution must provide an equal amount in matching cash funds.
  3. Preference will be given to applications proposing to use consultants from other ICIP institutions, although the grants will not be limited to such persons.
  4. Grants are awarded twice yearly. Applications for grants to be used during the summer and fall semester should be submitted on or before March 1 of any given year. The deadline for the second block of grants is September 1st. Grants from applications submitted in March will be awarded in April; grants from the applications submitted by September 1st will be awarded by October or November. The application must include:
    • An ICIP check sheet attached to the front of the proposal and signed by an ICIP representative or alternate.
    • An ICIP budget sheet following the check sheet.
    • A brief description of the consultation, including purpose, schedule, and budget.
    • A discussion of the need for such a consultation at the particular institution applying for the grant.
    • If possible, the name and a brief background sketch of the person(s) to be designated as the consultant(s).
    • A letter signed by the applying institution's chief academic officer and/or chief financial officer committing the institution to the purposes of the grant and to provide the matching funds.
    • A letter of transmittal from the ICIP Board Representative at the applying institution.
    • Ten copies of the proposal must be provided.
  5. Copies of all consultants' reports will be filed with the Executive Director of ICIP and may, with the agreement of the consultant and the grantee, be made available to other ICIP member institutions on request by those institutions.
  6. The receiving institution will file a report with ICIP within 90 days regarding the expected response to the recommendation of the consultant.
  7. A member of the Executive Committee whose institution is an applicant, or from whose institution a consultant has been designated in that year's applications, will not participate in the deliberations.