Tube Factory’s Chicken Chapel of Love

If you pay a visit to Tube Factory artspace on Indy’s southeast side, you’ll see that it’s buzzing with activity, thanks in part to two active bee hives now on the premises. But the nonprofit arts organization under the Big Car umbrella is also trying to raise money for a community kitchen and Vegas style chapel complete with chickens.

The Chicken Chapel

If Big Car Collaborative, which runs Tube Factory, is successful in raising $50,000 by Oct. 19, you’ll be able to come to the Tube to have a meal and, if you like, get married.

“We’re going to have the chicken chapel of love,” says Big Car’s director of programming and exhibitions Shauta Marsh. “It’s going to be a Vegas-style wedding chapel and meditation space,” she says. “I’m going to get ordained and I will perform ceremonies if people want to get married. Or they will just be free to meditate.”

And yes, just as Marsh will perform double duty for Big Car, so will the chickens. That is, they will lay eggs for the community kitchen while doing something a little bit more unusual.

“These chickens will be part of people’s wedding ceremonies if they so desire,” says Marsh.  “And I’ve raised them since they were two days old. We have several different breeds.”

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