James J. Yoder

As a recent graduate of IUPUI’s English MA program, James’ studies focused on Creative Writing and Scholarly Editing, which he uses to pursue opportunities as a freelance writer and editor.  He has an abiding love for fiction, and his greatest fascination has become the undulating intersection between authorship and audience in the new media age.

In his role as a research assistant at the IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute, James executes many logistical functions surrounding IAHI endeavors. His activities include coordinating travel plans for visiting scholars, reserving and scheduling physical spaces & services, arranging meetings and calendars for internal staff and external partners, as well as organizing IAHI data ranging from workshop notes to sources of grant research.  As a two year veteran of the IAHI, James has accumulated a variety of hats for a number of situations, and he wears them all fondly.