Oliver Blank visits IUPUI on April 17

Oliver Blank
April 17, 2013
12-1 pm
IUPUI Eskenazi 111a

Oliver Blank is a composer who currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. Blank builds what he terms “sound toys”, creates public installations, and symphonic cinematic music. He is a partner at the Civic Center in New Orleans, where individuals strive to reconfigure public spaces into creative outlets for the arts and to give ordinary places a new sense of creativity and wonder. Blank is a graduate of Goldsmiths College’s Master of Music Programme. His compositions have been featured at London’s Design Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, the Tate Gallery, and Helsinki’s Taidehalli.  For more information, visit Oliver Blank’s website at http://mroliverblank.com.

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James Reeves, Author of The Road to Somewhere at IUPUI on March 21, 2013

James Reeves
March 21, 2013
7-8 pm
IUPUI Lecture Hall (LE) 105

 James Reeves is a writer, designer, educator, and self-proclaimed motorist. Reeves, who attended the University of Michigan in the film and design program and the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, has held many different occupations in his search for happiness in life (23 part time jobs to be exact). After graduating, he taught classes at the Pratt Institute and the Parson’s School of Design, developed a K-12 design program in Brooklyn, and also taught elementary, middle, and high school. Reeve’s most recent publication, The Road to Somewhere: An American Memoir, has been hailed by Andre Dubus III (author of House of Sand and Fog) as, “a tantalizing 21st century cross between James Agee’s Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and he regards Reeves as a “new and important American voice.” His book, which is based on his experiences as a traveler across America and his search for a meaningful adult life, reveals an America that hides under the surface. James Reeves is currently a partner at the Civic Center in New Orleans, which is also where he currently resides. The Civic Center is a creative studio that was designed to aid in the retransformation of public spaces into creative, interactive places. For more information on Reeves, visit his website at http://bigamericannight.com/.

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