Lunch and Learn Lectures: Kraig Beyerlein

Dr. Kraig Beyerlein

Micro-Contextual Effects of Congregations on U.S. Residents’ Civic Activity

On Wednesday, March 8, from 3-4:30 p.m., Kraig Beyerlein of the University of Notre Dame’s sociology department will present on Social Justice in the Desert: Faith-Based Mobilizing to Save Lives Along the Arizona-Sonora Border. This talk will take place in Campus Center Room 305.

Through the course of the talk, Kraig will discuss his book-in-progress on the sanctuary movement in Arizona, a movement among religious congregations to provide safe haven for undocumented border crossers from Central America. Kraig is a scholar of social movements, religion, and civic engagement.

Turns out, who your neighbors are matters. Scholars have long looked at faith communities broadly as important predictors of giving, volunteering, and other forms of civic activity, but local contexts are underexplored.

By examining the density of congregations in small geographic areas, Beyerlein can make claims about the significance of congregations in promoting volunteerism and political activism. He considers the number of activities, amount of time, or types of activity with which residents are involved.

Using emerging geo-coding methodologies in the social sciences, Beyerlein’s approach and findings break new ground in the study of faith communities, philanthropy, and civic engagement.

This talk is hosted by the Consortium for the Study of Religion, Ethics, and Society and the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving. Seating for the event is limited, so please register here.