RESEARCH NOTICE| ArtPlace National Creative PlaceMaking Fund – Limited Submission

Limited Submission: University-logo

IU Internal Deadline: 1/20/2016

Registration Deadline: 2/16/2016

ArtPlace Application Deadline: 3/2/2016

Brief Description:

The National Creative Placemaking Fund invests in planning and development projects where arts and culture play a central role. ArtPlace actively seeks to build a portfolio of funded projects that is a microcosm of the varied creative placemaking strategies used across the United States through this program. Since 2011, the National Creative Placemaking Fund has invested in 227 projects across 152 communities of all sizes in 43 states and the District of Columbia.
If you are thinking about a project that:

1. Focuses on a neighborhood or other geographic community

2. Is looking to work on a community challenge related to agriculture/food; economic development; education/youth; environment/energy; health; housing, immigration; public safety; transportation; or workforce development

3. Has a way that artists, arts organizations, and/or arts activities can help address that challenge

4. Will have a way of knowing whether the project has made progress on the challenge then you should think about submitting an application.

Award Amount:

The National Creative Placemaking Fund generally provides support between $50,000 and $500,000 for individual projects. There is no required match. Despite not requiring a match, ArtPlace values its investments’ ability to leverage additional federal, regional, and local public/private funding.

Limitation: One per Indiana University

Applicants may only submit one application per year (determined by EIN).

To apply for IU Internal competition:

For consideration as an institutional nominee, submit the following documents electronically to limited submission,, by Jan 20, 2016 for internal coordination. To expedite the review process, we request that investigators who intend to submit a proposal send an email 1 week before the internal deadline with the proposal title to with the subject line: L1016 Notice of Intent.

Project information that includes:

1. Project Title

  • a description of the community where the project will take place. Image describing the community to someone who knows nothing about it. [900 characters including spaces]
  • the community planning and development challenge/opportunity that this project will address? [900 characters including spaces]
  • how the will project deploy arts and culture to address this planning and development challenge or opportunity? [900 characters including spaces]
  • what will be different in this community when this project is completed? [900 characters including spaces]
  •  no more than 1/2 page of any other pertinent information that you’d like to include.

2. Abbreviated CV, not exceeding 3 pages, or a biosketch for the PI

IUPUI applicants must copy Etta Ward,, on submissions.