The Open Scholarship Project (OSP) is an open access platform that allows for continuous revision, review, and evaluation of manuscripts from their earliest drafts through their publication and beyond.
The Open Scholarship Projecty has four integrated features that distinguish it from other open access platforms:

  • “Diamond” Open Access – Research will be hosted for free and free to read for everybody.
  • Versioning – Authors will be able to create multiple iterations of their work, while collecting public feedback at each stage of development.
  • Open Peer Review – OSP will bring peer review (a process which is typically anonymous, slow, and walled-off) into the open, allowing for constructive criticism and dialogue in real time.
  • Badging – OSP will allow any organization or group to begin a publishing house by badging research uploaded to the system. Authors have the opportunity to earn the stamp of approval of multiple publishers, journals, public groups, and other scholars.

OSP works from the premise that early ideas, comments, and reviews themselves are valuable contributions to scholarship and should be treated as such. The platform treats each draft — and the peer reviewers’ comments — as a unique document that can be cited in academic publications. The system allows final versions of publications become living documents on which peers, reviewers, and the author can continue discuss and comment.