Internal Funding | IU Collaborative Research Grants 2015-16 Request for Proposals

Indiana University Collaborative Research Grants program is accepting proposals Indiana University-logothrough February 15, 2016. The full Request for Proposals is available online, but allow me to highlight a few elements of the program.

The IUCRG program is designed to encourage new faculty collaborations across traditional disciplinary, campus, school, or departmental boundaries. We seek proposals from teams of faculty from different disciplines, campuses, schools, or departments.

The IUCRG program is particularly targeted toward collaborations focused on new, innovative, or potentially transformative research that is fundamentally shaped by the collaborative nature of the team – partners doing things together that could not be undertaken without the partnership.

IUCRG funding is intended as seed funding to help develop pilot data or proof-of-concept evidence that will serve as the basis for future proposals for external funding. We seek proposals that represent a first, defined stage in a larger research trajectory that will attract external funding for subsequent stages.

The IUCRG program is open to projects in a variety of disciplines: Biological/Life Sciences (non-medical); Physical Sciences (physics, chemistry, astronomy, chemistry, geology/Earth sciences); Engineering; Computer Science and Informatics; Health and Medical Sciences; Social and Behavioral Sciences. (Teams including faculty in the arts and humanities are welcome to apply, but projects focused within the arts and humanities should be directed toward IU’s New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities program.)

Please visit the full Request for Proposals for more information, and contact Faith Hawkins( or if you have questions.