Funding: NEA Art Works School-Based Projects


NEA Art Works – School-Based Projects

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IU Internal Deadline: 1/28/2013
NEA Application Deadline: 8/8/2013

Brief Description:

This program, as well as Art Works (L0468a &L0468b), fall under the Grants for Arts Project (GAP). Both programs share a limitation of only 1 for the entire University (IU as the lead applicant). Because of this, the internal deadline for all deadlines falling under these two programs is NOON, January 28th. Only those granted an exception as an independent component can submit separately.

Art Works encourages and supports the following four outcomes:

  • Creation: The creation of art that meets the highest standards of excellence,
  • Engagement: Public engagement with diverse and excellent art,
  • Learning: Lifelong learning in the arts, and
  • Livability: The strengthening of communities through the arts.

School-based projects must be directly connected to the school curriculum and instructional program. Activities may take place in or outside of the school building at any time of the day, including after-school and summer enrichment programs formally connected to school curricula. Projects must be based on a curriculum that aligns with either national or state arts education standards and include assessment of participant learning.

Award Amount:

  • Grants generally will range from $10,000 to $100,000. Grants of $100,000 or more will be made only in rare instances, and only for projects that the Arts Endowment determines demonstrate exceptional national or regional significance and impact. In the past few years, well over half of the agency’s grants have been for amounts less than $25,000.
  • All grants require a nonfederal match of at least 1 to 1. For example, if an organization receives a $10,000 grant, the total eligible project costs must be at least $20,000 and the organization must provide at least $10,000 toward the project from nonfederal sources.
  • Grants awarded under these guidelines generally may cover a period of support of up to two years. The two-year period is intended to allow an applicant sufficient time to plan, execute, and close out its project, not to repeat a one-year project for a second year.

Limitation: One per Indiana University

An organization may submit only one application under these FY 2014 Grants for Arts Projects guidelines, with few exceptions:

  • One from the University with IU as the lead
  • One each for separately identifiable and independent components such as the IU Art Museum, Traditional Arts Indiana and WTIU

These shared limitations apply to L0404 Challenge America Fast-Track (5/23/2013 deadline) AND L0468a&b Art Works (both 3/7/2013 and 8/8/2013 deadlines).

To apply for IU Internal competition:

For consideration as an institutional nominee, submit the following documents electronically to limited submission,, by NOON, January 28, 2013 for internal coordination. Although not required, it is recommended that you contact Donna Carter at indicating your interest in this program to help expedite the review process.

  • 1-2 page Project Narrative (limitation does not include references)
  • A letter of support from Chair or Dean
  • Abbreviated CV for the PI (not to exceed 3 pages)

Applicants must copy Etta Ward,, on submissions.