April Faculty and Staff Course Grant and Scholarship Opportunities


2013 – 2014 Service Learning Course Development Grants
The Center for Service and Learning is sponsoring a service-learning course development grant program for 2013-2014.
The program is open to interested faculty and academic staff to develop new or to significantly transform existing courses
using service-learning pedagogy.  Grant funds are available to support undergraduate, graduate, or professional course
In particular, the Center is keen to support course development guided by one or more of the following:
·         engages departments and/or levels of the curriculum traditionally underrepresented in service-learning at IUPUI;
·         promotes deep learning within a single or across multiple disciplinary frameworks;
·         fosters critical and integrative reasoning and associated skill building – particularly when geared to enhance a learner’s capacity to collaborate across cultural and social boundaries, to hone ethical/moral reasoning in real world settings, and/or supports enhanced public problem-solving and knowledge generation;
·         incorporates innovative uses of instructional technology that not only support collaborative student learning but also enhances the role of community voice within the course/program;
·         targets under-represented, first generation, transfer and/or at-risk student populations;
·         connects with and builds on preexisting courses within a program of study to improve scaffolding for high impact, community-engaged learning experiences at key thresholds (e.g. gateway courses, intro to the major, capstone courses, etc.);
·         enhances IUPUI’s relationship with the neighborhoods and organizations located in Indianapolis’NearWest.


The grant stipend is $3000 to support summer work on course development. Please note that these grant funds are
distinct from the RISE course development grants administered by Academic Affairs.
Application deadline:             Monday, April 29th
Dissemination Grants
The Center for Service and Learning has small dissemination grants ($500 – $750) available to support faculty and
instructional staff to disseminate work associated with civic and community engagement in higher education including:
·         Instructional models and assessment associated with service-learning or service-learning combined with other
high impact practices (ePortfolios, learning communities, study abroad, capstones, etc.),
  • Co-curricular community-engaged learning and assessment (e.g. scholarship programs, alternative spring break

programs, etc.),

  • Research on student learning outcomes, student motivations, and more associated with community-engaged

learning environments,

  • Theoretical papers or critiques devoted to issues in civic and community engagement in higher education,
  • Research, assessment, and practice innovations associated with community-campus partnerships (local and global),
  • Public scholarship and engaged learning models for faculty/staff,
  • Program or department-based institutionalization of community engagement.


Eligibility: To be considered, the proposals must have been accepted for external presentation for conferences
during the period of April 2013 – April 2014.  All full time faculty, including lecturers and clinical faculty, as well as
instructional staff, are eligible to apply.
Funds will be distributed on a rolling basis until the pool is exhausted.  In addition to the external presentation,
grantees will be expected to share their presentation at a later time with a campus audience. For more information,
contact Mary Price at price6@iupui.edu.
Service Learning Assistant Scholarship Program
Fall 2013 and 2013-2014 Academic Year Applications are now being accepted.
General application deadline: July 1, 2013

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