John McCormick

New book by John McCormick makes the case for ‘Why Europe Matters’

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The news coming out of Europe in recent years has not been good: high unemployment, recession, austerity, threatened bank collapses, and speculation that the bold experiment of the euro might be on the verge of collapse. But an IUPUI professor of political science argues that the pessimism is misplaced and it is well past time […]

John McCormick

IUPUI professor pens book making systematic, positive case for the European Union

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In “Why Europe Matters: The Case for the European Union,” IUPUI professor John McCormick makes a clear and unequivocal case for how the European Union, in spite of its problems, has made Europe a more peaceful and prosperous place. McCormick, who teaches political science in the School of Liberal Arts at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, […]