2013 IAHI Grant Recipients

Carstensen, Thorsten (School of Liberal Arts)
“Reading Goethe after Hitler: German Studies in the GDR”

Deal, Scott (School of Engineering and Technology)
“New Works Project”

Drews, Michael (School of Engineering and Technology)
“Death of the Mechincal Man”

Holzman, Laura (School of Liberal Arts)
“Pictures for the City: Shaping Philadelphia’s Image for the 21st Century”

Horvath, Robert (Herron School of Art and Design)
“Figurative Porcelain Sculptures”

Huang, Edgar (Informatics and Computing)
“First Generation of Chinese Medical Educators: Lost Stories”

Jacobson, Marc (Herron School of Art and Design)
“Multiple Dualities: Bridging Abstraction and Representation”

Musgrave, Megan (School of Liberal Arts)
“The Re-Invention of Childhood: Children’s Literature in the Age of Consumerism”

Riede, Danielle (Herron School of Art and Design)
“Sustainable Growths: Painting with Recycled Materials

Robbins, Kevin (School of Liberal Arts)
“The Most Artful and Inventive Press Barons of Modern Paris: Fanny Laure Rothchild and Samuel S. Schwarz, Organizing Mass Media for the Advancement of Satirical and Radical Modern Art, 1890-1920”

Scarpino, Philip (School of Liberal Arts)
“Rivers of the Anthropocene: A Comparative Historical Analysis of the Ohio and Tyne Rivers”

Subramanian, Janani (School of Liberal Arts)
“South Asians on American Network Television”

Zulaica-Hernandez, Iker (School of Liberal Arts)
“The Interplay of Referring Expressions, Information Structure and Rhetorical Distance: Evidence from Spanish”