2012 IAHI Grant Recipients

De Tienne, Andre (School of Liberal Arts)
“Digital Redesign of Scholarly Editions: A Collaboration between Humanities and Informatics Researchers”

DiCamilla, Frederick (School of Liberal Arts)
“The Mediating Function of Metaphor and Myth in Constructing the Role of America in the World: The Hilary Clinton Hearings for Secretary of State”

Engel, Emily (Herron School of Art and Design)
“Pictured Politics: Visualizing Colonial History in South American Civic Portrait Collections”

Kaufman-McKivigan, John (School of Liberal Arts)
“Symposium: Rediscovering the Life and Times of Frederick Douglass”

Kryder-Reid, Elizabeth (School of Liberal Arts)
“Symposium: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Art, Race, and Civic Space”

Lee, Flounder (Herron School of Art and Design)
“documenta XIII, Bewegter Wind-Environmental Art”

Monroe, Elizabeth (School of Liberal Arts)
“Legal Practice in Local and Appellate Courts in the Early National Period”

Petranek, Stefan (Herron School of Art and Design)
“The Genetic Portrait Project”

Robbins, Kevin (School of Liberal Arts)
“The Messy History of ‘The Butter Plate’: Radical New Media, Police Action to Contain Popular Visual Protests, and the Internationalization of a Graphic Arts Community in Modernizing Paris, 1900-1914”

Shaker, Genevieve (School of Liberal Arts)
“Faculty and the Public Good: The Philanthropic Meaning of Academic Work”

Wood, Elizabeth (School of Liberal Arts)
“Interpreting the Family Museum”