2010 IAHI Grant Recipients

Deal, Scott (School of Engineering and Technology
“Auksalaq Telematic Production”

Streekstra, Holly (Herron School of Art and Design
“Apparatus, Gimmicks, Automata, and Ephemera”

Robinson, Cory (Herron School of Art and Design)
“Wood Transformed: Introduction of CAD, CNC Fabrication, and Digital Rendering into the Furniture Maker’s Studio”

Riede, Danielle (Herron School of Art and Design)
“Not So Pseudo: Scientific Method and Installation”

Goodine, Linda (Herron School of Art and Design
“Everglades Still-Life Project”

Morrison, David (Herron School of Art and Design)
“The Human Hand Redefined: 17th Century Technology of Stone Lithography United with 21st Century Digital Technology”

Hoegberg, David (School of Liberal Arts)
“J.M. Coetzee and the Critics”

Kostroun, Daniella (School of Liberal Arts)
“Jansenist Women and Public Opinion in France, 1680-1750”

Labode, Modupe (School of Liberal Arts)
“The Busing Project: Oral Histories of Busing for Desegregation in Indianapolis”

Wheeler, Rachel (School of Liberal Arts)
“Revolutions in Faith: Five Generations of a Mohican-Moravian Family, 1740 1815”

Davis, Thomas (School of Liberal Arts)
“Tensions in Large Scale Religious Philanthropies: A Symposium”

Hayes, Kelly (School of Liberal Arts)
“Religious Pluralism South of the Border: New Religious Movements in Brazil”