Current President of the
Indiana Association of Collegiate Registrars
and Admissions Officers

Ken Prince


Hanover College

Office of the Registrar,
Box 108

Hanover, IN 47243

Phone (812) 866-7051

Presidentís Comments

Welcome to the official website for the Indiana Association of Collegiate Registrar’s and Admissions Officers ~ IACRAO!  This website is dedicated to sharing news and valuable resources to the IACRAO membership, as well as to visitors.  The sixty-six Indiana colleges and universities that make up IACRAO represent the best of institutions of higher education; and, their over 500 members represent the best of those institutions. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions as to how we can make this a better website, please share your thoughts with me, any member of the Executive Committee, or the Communications Committee.

IACRAO - 2013