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IUPUI Homecoming

IUPUI Homecoming History

Yes IUPUI has a Homecoming! It hasn't always been this way though. We're working hard to make Homecoming a long lasting part of IUPUI's history! A few years ago, a group of students were awarded a grant that allowed them to have the funds to put together a few events that began the revival of IUPUI's Homecoming.

The previous year consisted of a very simple way to engage students and to bolster student pride in athletics and IUPUI in general. The programs were so successful that the organizations involved decided to give it another go! The newly formed IUPUI Homecoming Committee is formed of those sponsoring organizations that are striving to create Homecoming into a lasting tradition here at IUPUI.

With your help and support this can and will become one of the most recognized events on campus in years to come!