History H364/H546  DR. SCHNEIDER
History of Medicine and Public Health



(Selected events)

General History
History of Medicine
Year Event Year Event
1870-1914 "Scramble" for Africa, Southeast Asia; China 1876

Koch discovers anthrax bacterium

1879 anthrax vaccine

    1880 Pasteur discovers cholera immuniz.

Laveran discovers malarial parasite

     1883 Koch cholera bacillus

Klebs diphtheria

1884 Gaffkey typhoid
    1885 Pasteur cures child w/ rabies
1887 David Bruce undulent fever
1889 Nocolaier tetanus
     1894 Yersin & Kitasato discover plague
    1895 Roentgen discovers x-rays
1898 Spanish-American War    
    1900 Walter Reed & Yellow fever virus
    1901 Landsteiner discovers blood groups
    1902 US Public Health Service created
    1910 Flexner Report on medical education
1914 WWI begins    
1917 Russian Revolution    

Peace Conference

League of Nations

1922 Banting, et al. discover insulin
1929 Great Depression begins 1929 Fleming discovers penicillin
    1930 NIH created

Tuskegee syphilis study begins

1972 story in NYT causes outcry


Hitler becomes German chancellor

Roosevelt becomes US president

    1935 Gerhard Domagk treats daughter with prontosil (sulfa) for strep infection
1939 WWII begins in Europe    
    1940 Selman Waksman discovers actinomycin
1941 US enters WWII    

WWII ends

ENIAC and A-bomb first used


Nazi doctors trial begins at Nuremberg

1947 verdict delivered, including Code for "permissible medical experiments"


Cold War begins

Independence for India (decolonization begins)

    1952 first open heart surgery
    1953 Watson and Crick describe DNA structure
    1955 Salk Polio vaccine
    1956 first kidney transplant
1957 European Common Market created    
1961 Berlin Wall    
1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution begins Vietnam War    
    1971 Nixon signs National Cancer Act
1975 US evacuates Saigon    
    1981 AIDS name given to disease affecting 26 patients
1989 Fall of Berlin Wall, end of Cold War