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Satellite Imagery/Remote Sensing

Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing Defined

Satellite imagery are pictures of the Earth taken from satellites orbiting the planet. The photography equipment used in satellite imagery relies upon light waves (both visible and non-visible by the human eye); therefore, the images convey information as perceived by the particular spectral band that the satellite utilizes. Interpreting these images to best relate the information is a learned technique referred to as remote sensing.

Lessons and Activities

Art and Scale

Earth as Art

Remote Sensing Lab (8-12) by Dr. Meredith Beilfuss, Butler University

The Power of Maps, PPT by Dr. Jorn Seemann, Geographer & Cartographer with Ball State University, Department of Geography

Introduction to GPS and GIS Tools, PPT by Dr. Vijay Lulla, Geographer & GIS Specialist with IUPUI, Department of Geography

Math in Remote Sensing, PPT by Larry Biehl, GeoSpatial Technology Specialist with Purdue University, Instructional Technology @ Purdue

2016 Purdue GIS Day for High School Students a PPT by Larry Biehl demonstrating the math in remote sensing

Zombie Apocalypse (6-12) by Larry Biehl and Kathy Kozenski; analyze assets and liabilities via aerial imagery for survival: Americus, Brookville, Clay City, Delphi, Madison, New Harmony, Rochester, Santa Claus, Tell City, Thorntown, West Baden Springs, West Lafayette (create an aerial image of your own school/community from IndianaMap)


is a collection of satellite imagery for Indiana. Each county has (or soon will have) a collection of images taken since the USGS/NASA Landsat images were first acquired. THANKS to our friends at IndianaView, hosted by Purdue University!!

Beautiful images of the Earth from NASA's Earth as Art web site : http://earthasart.gsfc.nasa.gov/index.htm

A view of the Earth as it rotates from day to night and back again: http://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/uncgi/Earth/action?opt=-p

The United States Geological Survey provides a connection to satellite images depicting environmental change: http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/earthshots/slow/tableofcontents

NASA provides a dynamic link to satellite images and data and short paragraph features (highlighting topics such as remote sensing, life on Earth, land, oceans...): http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides connections to weather and climate imagery and data: http://www.goes.noaa.gov/

The United States Geological Survey connects to gray-scale satellite images of the United States (and surroundings): http://terraserver.microsoft.com/

The College of Natural Resources GeoSpatial Sciences Teaching Lab has materials about the relationship between remote sensing and satellite imagery, by Bonnie Banner: http://www.nr.usu.edu/~bbanner/intrsgis/intrs.htm

Gateway to Astronaut Photos of the Earth