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Orthophotography Defined

Orthophotography (aerial photography) = The taking of photographs from the air.

Lessons and Activities

Are You Looking at Me?

GPS Meets Orthophotography

GIS Then and Now

Happened on this Spot

Indiana Map Puzzle (8-12) by Layne Young, Dave Surina, Meredith Beilfuss

Remote Sensing Lab (8-12) by Dr. Meredith Beilfuss, Butler University

Zombie Apocalypse (6-12) by Larry Biehl and Kathy Kozenski; analyze assets and liabilities via aerial imagery for survival: Americus, Brookville, Clay City, Delphi, Madison, New Harmony, Rochester, Santa Claus, Tell City, Thorntown, West Baden Springs, West Lafayette (create an aerial image of your own school/community from IndianaMap)


The United States Geological Survey provides satellite images of the United States (and surroundings); black and white, physical and human characteristics:http://terraserver.microsoft.com/

The Indiana Geographic Information Council connects geo-spatial technology professional (users and providers), provides GIS-related workshops, enhances K-12 education, and maintains Indiana's role as a national leader in the geo-spatial technologies: http://www.in.gov/igic/projects/ortho/aboutorthos.html

IHAPI Web site makes finding aerial photos easier Another new interactive map—the Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index (IHAPI)—is now available to help identify and retrieve historical aerial photographs. More than 950 large-format photomosaic index maps in the IGS archive were scanned and georeferenced, and then mosaicked to produce 466 county-based images dating from the 1930s to the 1980s. From these images, a point index was created showing the upper-right corners of 113,035 individual historical aerial photographs. IHAPI allows users to easily locate a site of interest and determine unique identification numbers for individual photos. Copies of the photos can then be ordered from the various archival collections where they are housed, including the IGS archive. (The actual historical aerial photos cannot be downloaded using IHAPI.) A narrated video tutorial is also available on the Web site.
Link to IHAPI http://www.igs.indiana.edu/ihapi

Lecture materials about "Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing" from The Geographers Craft Project, University of Colorado, Shannon Crum and Kenneth Foote: http://www.colorado.edu/geography/gcraft/notes/remote/remote_f.html

Hancock County, Indiana GIS web site with interactive data and aerial photography:http://hancock.in.schneidercorp.com/application/gis/disclaimer.htm

City of Indianapolis/Marion County web site with interactive data and aerial photography: http://imaps.indygov.org/prod/GeneralViewer/viewer.htm

2005 orthophotography of Indiana: http://www.indiana.edu/~gisdata/05orthos.html

Connect to the Indiana University Library Map Collections site: http://www.libraries.iub.edu/index.php?pageId=384

The IUPUI Digital Library has a collection of historic maps (and other digitized imagery), such as Historic Indiana Atlas, Historic Indiana Images, plat books, birds, historic buildings...: http://www-lib.iupui.edu/digitalcollections/collections.html

The IUPUI Digital Library has a collection of tornado statistics: http://atlas.ulib.iupui.edu/tornado/tornado.html

The IUPUI Digital Library has a collection of Indiana climatic data from 1871: http://in-ulib-brayton.ads.iu.edu/climatedata/dynamic/test.htm