Graduate Non-Degree Program

If you hold at least a bachelor’s degree and want to take graduate courses without pursuing a degree, the Graduate Non-Degree (GND) Program may be for you. Graduate non-degree students may enroll in graduate courses only or enroll in a combination of graduate and undergraduate courses in the same semester.

Graduate coursework in medicine, dentistry, law, business, education, nursing, and social work is typically not available to GND students. Since GND students are not eligible to take graduate courses in several graduate programs, consider carefully whether GND is right for you before you enter the program.

Once admitted, students in the graduate non-degree program must:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, and a 3.0 for graduate programs
  • Acquire no more than 9 to 12 graduate hours in a school or department
  • Acquire no more than 18 undergraduate credit hours in a school or department, unless they receive special permission from the department, which must be communicated from the program advisor to the GND coordinator by email.

Admission to the GND program will not guarantee admission to a graduate degree program.

For advice about specific course issues or permissions for designated courses, contact the department that offers those courses.


If you’ve determined the Graduate Non-Degree (GND) program is the right fit for you, the next step is to apply.

Before you apply, please contact the graduate department you’re interested in to determine your best admission and course options.

The application process varies depending on whether:

  • This will be your first time studying in the Non-Degree Program at IUPUI since January 1, 1993
  • You intend to take graduate or undergraduate courses

If you intend to take a mix of graduate and undergraduate courses, follow the instructions for graduate courses. If you were previously enrolled in the GND program, but not since January 1, 1993, follow the instructions for first-time students.

If you have already been admitted and have participated in the program every semester, you do not need to re-apply.

If you are an international student, please select the link that describes your situation and also visit the Office of International Admissions’ website for additional instructions. Visit the Office of International Admissions »

Please note that IUPUI does not routinely issue visa documents for GND applicants in F-1 or J-1 student status, because GND studies do not normally meet U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements for F-1 or J-1 students.

  • First-Time GND Students—Graduate Courses

    If you have never enrolled in coursework at IUPUI through the Graduate Non-Degree (GND) Program, or have not since January 1, 1993, and wish to take either graduate courses or a mix of graduate and undergraduate courses, you must start with the University Graduate School online application for admission.

    Apply to the University Graduate School at IUPUI »

    Note that the fourth question on the application will route your application between non-degree and degree seeking. Since you are applying as a GND student you must choose either:

    • To take classes for personal enrichment
    • To complete prerequisites for future enrollment in a degree program
    • To pursue non-degree studies

    You’ll also be asked to list the college/university from which you received your bachelor's degree.

    This table offers a short list of some of the common colleges/universities in Indiana and the code assigned to each college. If you don’t see your university listed, spell it out in the application

    Ball State University 0000025646  IU South Bend 0000026984
    Butler 000002564 IU Southeast 0000026982
    DePauw 0000026371 Ivy Tech 0000027112
    Franklin 0000026650 Marian College 0000027473
    Indiana Wesleyan 0000026985 Notre Dame 0000029110
    Indiana State University 0000026976 Purdue 0000028228
    IU Bloomington 0000026978 Rose-Hulman 0000028345
    IU East (Richmond) 0000026979 St. Francis 0000029174
    IU Kokomo 0000026981 University of Evansville 0000029013
    IU Northwest 0000026980 University of Indianapolis 0000029033
    IPFW 0000026974 University of Southern Indiana 0000029170
    IUPUI 0000026975

    At the end of the application, complete the fee payment information to authorize your credit or debit card payment for $60.

    If you are a resident alien who has earned a U.S. bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D., you must submit a legible photocopy of your resident alien card to:

    IUPUI Graduate Non-Degree Program
    755 W. Michigan Street, UL 1170
    Indianapolis, IN 46202

    After being admitted to the GND program, you will receive acceptance and registration information via email.

  • Returning GND Students—Graduate Courses

    If you have been previously admitted to the IUPUI Graduate Non-Degree Program on or after January 1, 1993, and stopped taking classes for more than one semester and wish to take either graduate courses or a mix of graduate and undergraduate courses, complete the Graduate/Professional Program Update form. There is no fee.

    Fill out the Graduate/Professional Program Update form now  »

    Send the completed form to:
    IUPUI Graduate Non-Degree Program
    755 W. Michigan Street, UL 1170
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
    Phone: (317) 274-1577
    Fax: (317) 278-2380

  • Undergraduate Courses Only

    If you wish to take undergraduate courses only through the Graduate Non-Degree Program, complete the Undergraduate Admission Visiting Student Application.

    Get the application »