Peirce Geo-Thought Symposia
Geodetic Memorial Dedication
Friday, April 2, 2004

In order to celebrate the contributions of Charles Sanders Peirce to American thought and scientific applications, a geodetic marker was place on the campus of IUPUI in 1987. The placement of this marker reflects the standing of the "Peirce Edition Project" on the campus of IUPUI within the School of Liberal Arts. Recently, a movement toward the incorporation of a memorial placque, describing Peirce and the purpose of the geodetic marker, began including noted individuals around the country faithful to Peirce's ideology. The Dedication of the Memorial Marker occurred in conjunction with the sixteenth annual Indiana Geographic Bee, which enabled the Geographic Bee participants to be part of Indiana "Geo History". The following images depict two aspects of the Peirce Geo-Thought Symposia and Geodetic Memorial Dedication: first, the Symposia highlighting noted speakers and appropriate presentations, and second, the Dedication of the Memorial.

Peirce Geodetic Marker

Peirce Geodetic Memorial Text: This monument, established in 1987 by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), memorializes one of America's greatest intellectual figures: Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914). From 1861 until 1891, Peirce was employed by the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey, now part of NOAA's National Ocean Service. He served as head of the Gravity Division and set rigorous standards for gravity pendulum operations and for the determination of weight and measures. His study of the methods of science and his advancs in formal logic and semiotics provided the framework for the philosophical doctrine of pragmatism. This monument is a reminder of Perice's contricutions to American thought and of our nation's bond with science. It is part of the official network of triangulation points throughout the U.S. The marker at the crest serves as a reference point for latitude, longitude, and altitude.

Dr. Nathan Houser, Director, Peirce Edition Project, IUPUI School of Liberal Arts- "welcome" to the Dedication, "thanks" to all involved. Reading a letter of support from Governor Joseph Kernon. "Peirce's life was dedicated to marrying philosophical theory with scientific practice."

Dr. Robert White, Interim Dean, IUPUI School of Liberal Arts - "welcome" and "thanks". "The Peirce Memorial is a true reflection of the diversity found on the campus of IUPUI."




Albert Theberge, Jr., Captain NOAA Corps (retired); Technical Information Specialist, NOAA - speaking at the Dedication on the historical implications of Peirce's life. "We are always immersed in perfection: seeking to bypass the limitations of technology that ban us from achieving absolute truth."

Dr. Kamlesh Lulla, Chief Scientist for Earth Observations for Space and Life Sciences Directorate, NASA - Encouraging the Indiana Geographic Bee participants to become involved with professions incorporating geo-thought skills: improving their theories with scientific applications. "As a scientist involved with the world, and other worlds, I recognize the necessity of young people today in becoming more globally aware. Due to technology, the world is becoming smaller, but because the world is shrinking, we need to know the world and its peoples better in order to be more effective. Because of Peirce's work, mapping and geospatial imaging will become an integral part of space exploration as it is an integral part of understanding today's world." - Complete Presentation

Dr. Kamlesh Lulla: "It was Geospatial knowledge and technology in the 15th century that changed the world-Prince Henry the Navigator who foresaw that the ocean routes to east India would make Portugal a world power and he eastablished the school of Navigation where best minds of the 15th century map making, geography, astronomy and ship building would collaboate. Their geospatial discoveries changed the the world. Now in these times of globalization, advances in communications and aviation; Geospatial knowledge And technology that includes geography and map making and its central focus is transforming our world once again!"

Indiana Geographic Bee participants, teacher-sponsors and family members attending the Peirce Geodetic Memorial Dedication.

Peirce Geodetic Memorial Dedication.


Peirce Geodetic Memorial Dedication Platform Party: including Dr. Robert White, Captain Albert Theberge, Dr. Kamlesh Lulla, Dr. Mohammad Kaviani (IUPUI Center for Economic Education), Gail Plater (IUPUI School of Liberal Arts Office for Development), Dr. Victor Baker (Regent's Professor and Head, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona), Dr. Rick Bein (IUPUI Department of Geography), Dr. Jeff Wilson (IUPUI Department of Geography), Dr. Suellen Reed (Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction), Kathleen Kozenski (Executive Director, Geography Educators' Network of Indiana), Dr. Lenore Tedesco (Director, Center for Earth and Environmental Science), Dr. Catherine Souch (IUPUI Department of Geography and Associate Dean IUPUI School of Liberal Arts), Dr. Roger Jenkinson (Taylor University Department of Geography), Christian Kloesel (IUPUI English Department), Doran Moreland (Liaison with Senator Evan Bayh's Office), Thomas Short (Chairman of Advisory Board for the Peirce Edition Project, NJ), Dr. Joseph Dauben (Center City University of New York and Peirce Scholar), and William Stanley (NOAA, Chief Historian emeritus).

Peirce Symposia - from left, Dr. Jeff Wilson, Dr. Owen Dwyer, Dr. Kamlesh Lulla.

Dr. Victor Baker and Dr. William Davenport (Professor of Philosophy, IL)

Dr. Owen Dwyer, Dr. Tim Brothers, and Dr. Jeff Wilson (all with the IUPUI Department of Geography)


Dr. Victor Baker (Regent's Professor and Head, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona). "Peirce opened doors to human reasoning and thought by applying this knowledge to machines. Abductive reasoning - simulation of human reasoning, for example, applying logical, human oriented steps when approaching safety issues in today's 21st century society."



Photogaph presented to the Institute for American Thought, IUPUI, by Dr. Kamlesh Lulla from the
Johnson Space Center. Photo depicts, and is signed by, Hoosier astronaut Ken Bowersox from Bedford.





(Dr. Kamlesh Lulla's - Complete Presentation)

(Peirce bio attached)

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(Letter from Governor Joseph Kernan)

(Letter from Senator Richard Lugar)

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