Riding With Alice

To help the students develop a better understanding of cross country travel of today and yesterday.

National Geography Standards:
1, 4, 9, 12, 15, 17, 18

Indiana Social Studies Standards:
4.1.13          5.3.2
4.3.2            5.3.3
4.3.4            5.3.11
4.3.8            5.4.3

More optional materials:
Students should:
  1. have background knowledge of the counties of the state.
  2. be able to follow directions.
  3. have background knowledge of the United States
  4. be able to read a road map.
  5. have a better understanding of cross country travel.
  1. Read Alice Ramsey’s Grand Adeveture to the class.
  2. Discuss cross country travel.  (See Guided Discuss Questions)
  3. Give each student an outline map of the United States
  4. Instruct them to color the states in which Alice passed through during her trip
  5. Have the students label each state.
  6. Tell the class, “We are now going to focus on her trip through Indiana.”
  7. Distribute the Indiana atlases and state outline maps.
  8. Instruct the students to use the county map and the roadways map. (Page 2 and 17)
  9. Have them color the counties Alice and her friends traveled through on their journey west. The students may choose the color or colors they wish to use.
  10. Label each county.
  11. When the maps are colored, have the students draw in the Toll Road.
  12. Now that we know Alice’s route across Indiana, how much would it cost her today to travel the same route. Using the Toll charges, calculate the total cost to travel from border to border.  ($4.15)
  13. Calculate various tolls.  Option: use tolls for multi-axle vehicles.
Students knowledge should be evaluated by their completed  maps and participation in class discussion.


  1. Add towns and cities located along the toll road.
  2. Figure tolls for other states. (ie: Ohio Turnpike, New York Thruway, etc.)
  3. Using Alice’s route and a current road atlas, find the interstates/toll roads she would use today on her trip.
  4. Calculate mileage in each state using the website… http://www.indo.com/distance
  5. Have students design their own trip and route.
  6. “Collect” items or buy souveniers from each state Alice passes through.
  7. Do in depth looks at each of the 11 states.
  8. Tie in with the Madonna of the Trail.
  9. List points of interst and other road side attractions (ie: largest ball of twine)
  10. Calculate time travel using different modes of transportation…driving, flying, walking.
  11. Compare and contrast the different states… which would be “difficult” to travel and which would be  “boring”?
Helpful Websites:
Measures distance from any two points

Coast to Coast: Past to Future (excellent)

Trip planner

Eyewitness to History.com

Indiana toll road map

Indiana toll road fare schedule

New York Thruway

Ohio Turnpike

Interstate 80